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Eligibility :

The students who have completed the Basic DSLR Photography course at our institute are eligible for this.

Students who have previous experience in handling the camera and its accessories with strong foundation in Basic Photography can also join this course.

Duration :

12 Saturdays: About 3 months


9-30 am to 5-30 pm

Course Fees:

INR: 40,000/ ( to be paid before or at the time of registration )

Equipment :

Participants must bring their own DSLR cameras with kit lens as minimum. Camera must have manual mode setting. Any Brand of camera : Canon, or Nikon or Sony is fine. A Lap-top with image editing software like Adobe Photoshop is essential for post-production work in the class. Also they must bring portable flash units one or more along with radio triggers to the class.

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Other Courses 

Hone Your Photography Skills

If you are a serious photographer, eager to hone your skills and take your photography to the next level, this is the right program for you. This Advanced DSLR Photography course is designed exclusively for photographers who would like to perfect their image-making skills.

The course content seeks to provide in-depth knowledge of complex visual techniques and fine-tune the aesthetic appeal in photography. The program involves practical demonstrations and real-time assignments that are sure to help you better your craft.

The focus here is on creating high impact visuals that are technically-sound and breath-taking. Its a unique course in India

On completion of Advanced DSLR Photography course, participants gain a higher degree of technical understanding of photography. Participants gain hands-on knowledge on various avenues of photography including Architecture photography, Portraiture, Modeling Portfolios, Nature photography, Event photography etc.


1. Portable speed-lights

Knowing the importance of guide number. Understanding sync speed. Using Rear curtain and Front curtain for creative shots. Setting up multiple flash units. Using radio triggering devices like Pocketwizard. Making creative shots using multiple flash units

2.  Introduction to Studio photography

Introduction to essential studio equipments. Study of studio lights such as monoblock units and powerpacks. Using various light modifiers such as umbrellas, softboxes, grids, snoots etc. Suggestions and ideas for setting up a Studio and to run it successfully.

3. Study of Light

Deeper understanding of the artificial lights as well as strobes and their behaviour

4. Studio Portraits

A Study on faces – its shapes and forms. Using studio strobes to bring out the best  features of a face. Making dramatic portraits in a studio

5. Outdoor Portraits

A study of light in nature. Control of outdoor light using bonuce boards, scrims etc.. Study of a given location and choosing the corner for an effective portrait. Background awarness for a pleasing portraits

6. Fashion Photography 

Making model portfolios indoor and outdoor. Effective communication with a models and winning their confidance. Art of make-up and controling the features of a face using it. Costume selections and background selections. Posing tips that enhances the beauty of a model

7. Event Photography

Getting ready for an event. Tips for Wedding photography, ramp shoots,and other cultural functions

8. Travel Photography

Study of various cultures and heritage of our planet. Preparing for a Travel photography assignment. Making people shots, street shots, photographing locations of historical importance

10. Creative use of filters

Polorising filter and its usage in indoor and outdoor. ND filters and ND Gratuated filters. Using CT gels for creative shots

9. Portfolio Display

Processing your images for high quality. Printing your images on Fine art canvas and boards of archival quality. Preperations for an exhibition in art gallery. Making a handy portfolio album


  • Extremely lucid and easy to grasp method of teaching. - Not only Photography but larger perspective of life. - a great teacher - Thanks a lot.

    Shriram Parameswaran
    Shriram Parameswaran
  • I personally feel like you have exposed me to photography in a very unique way by teaching rules and also letting us know when to break them.   My peers and parents have observed significant change in my photographs over the course of time.

    Adarsh vishnu
    Adarsh vishnu
  • The classes were so soulful. Very practical that right from the first class, I loved forward for the next Sunday class. Best of best is the review sessions.  My intensity for photography as a passion has grown manifold just because of your guidance. too glad to have you as my mentor.

    Sarvina Balasundaram
    Sarvina Balasundaram
  • Learnt a lot about photography which would take a few years to understand the concepts and techniques.It was not only a workshop on photography but Sir, your perspectives of life was something that you bring a change in me.I enjoyed the course and I miss the Sunday.

    Sharanya Shenthil
    Sharanya Shenthil
  • I am writing this feedback with heart-ful of happiness. My passion towards photography has increased. I am proud to say I am your student. And I promise, I will make you proud in future.

    Janani Velusami
    Janani Velusami
  • This batch of 9 weeks has made a great change in my life. It ignited the talent within me. The way of seeing and enjoying the beauty of earth has increased. Thank you srini sir. Its a unforgettable moments and blessed to be a student of you.

    John Dinakaran
    John Dinakaran
  • After many years of holding a camera, this is the first time in my life that I could understand what a camera is . All thanks to Srini Sir.

    Nandini Appunni
    Nandini Appunni
  • Good to be a part of this Institute's student. It was a very good learning session during these 9 weekends. And the experience you shared was just awesome sir.

    Sachin Jayachandran
    Sachin Jayachandran
  • In these 9 weekends I learnt a lot of techniques in photography. I like the ways presented and nothing seemed boring.The idea of showing videos after every topic made me understand the subject more. Overall I really enjoyed the classes and would like to join the next level when I get a chance.

    Janvi T Shah
    Janvi T Shah

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