rini Institute of Photography was started by Srinivasan Durai with a goal to impart technical skills as well as aesthetic skills to the younger generation in Photography.  Faculty at the Institute are highly skilled and are claimed photographers. Seasoned and highly experienced faculty are available to handle various fields in photography : Be it Fashion, Wildlife, Macro, Landscapes, Industrial, Architecture, Products, Wedding etc., All the team members of the faculty are the working professional and the students have chance to participate in the live projects. Students interact with the faculty and continue to gain knowledge even after they complete the course in the institute.

  • Durai Srinivasan
    Durai Srinivasan Founder / Mentor

    Srini Institute of Photography has been founded by Srinivasan Durai, the quintessential photographer. He is totally committed to his art and blessed with strong technical skills as well as teaching Skills. An avid traveller, he has on his own initiative built up an impressive portfolio of images from all parts of the country and abroad. A genial raconteur with a wealth of experience behind him, Srinivasan brings his work both inspired thinking and a roll-up-your-sleeve work ethic that endears him to his clients.  His work can be seen at : www.srini.photography

  • K.Jayaram
    K.Jayaram Senior Faculty

    Mr.K.Jayaram is an internationally known Nature photographer and is a pioneer of Macro Photography in India. For over four decades, he has won many top awards from international salons of Photography and has also been bestowed with the highest photographic honours around the world. He has co-authored many books. His contribution towards preserving Silent Valley National Park is worth mentioning.

  • Siddarth Srinivasan
    Siddarth Srinivasan Faculty

    A award winning photographer and is strong in techniques as well as in aesthetics. He took Photography as his profession after competing his degree in Visual Communications. He specialises in Products, Architecture and Industrial Photography. Wildlife photography is an additional feather in his cap. He has also done numerous assignments for popular brands.

  • Devendran Jagannathan
    Devendran Jagannathan Faculty

    Devendran, after completing his degree in Visual communications, took photography as his profession. He is an avid traveller and he has great passion for travel photography. He has been doing regular assignments in Candid, travel, Architecture, Landscapes etc., He has in-depth knowledge in Photoshop as well as good communication skills.

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