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Fashion photography at Srini Institute
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Fashion Photography is the most sought-after field among various branches in Photography. This is an intensive Programme. Fashion Photography course is ideal for beginners as well as for Photographers who have strong fundamental skills in Photography and would like to fine-tune them towards becoming successful Fashion photographers. Classes are conducted by a professional photographer who has years of experience in the field of Fashion and Advertising photography

Participants will interact with Stylists, Makeup artists and Models to gain in-depth knowledge in their respective fields.

Eligibility :

The students who have completed their formal education for 15 years and above are eligible for this course. As an exception students who have a good portfolio may be selected for Fashion photography course even if they have less number of years of formal education.

Duration :

3 months

Course Fees:

INR: 55,000/ ( to be paid before or at the time of registration )

Equipment :

Participants must bring their own DSLR cameras with kit lens as minimum. Camera must have manual mode setting. A Lap-top with image editing software like Adobe Photoshop is essential for post-production work in the class. Also they must bring portable flash units one or more along with radio triggers to the class.


1. Introduction

Learning about various cameras – 35mm DSLR, Medium format and Large-format cameras. Understanding their functions.

2.  Performance of Optics

Learning about Lenses and their influence while composing an image is very much essential for a photographer. Students are thoroughly trained to get the benefit out of various focal lengths.

3. Study of Natural Light

Students get deeper understanding of the behaviour of sunlight and to use it to their advantage.

4. Art of composing

Composing is everything in photography. Students learn  the art of  composing and enhance the skill of effective communication.

5. Study of Artificial lights

Introduction of various artificial lights such as Studio strobes, tungsten lights, LED lights and understating their colour temperature etc.,

6. Light modifiers

Plenty of  demos using various light modifiers such as soft boxes, umbrellas, scrims etc to have greater control over light.

6. Mixing various Sources

Learning to mix ambient light with strobes, mixing of various light sources and balancing them.

7. Product Photography

Photographing Lifestyle and fashion products

9. Creative use of filters

Polorising filter and its usage in indoor and outdoor. ND filters and ND Gratuated filters. Using CT gels for creative shots

10. Fashion Shoots

Understanding the importance of makeup artist, Stylist and their role in Fashion photography. Also learning to enhance the skills of better communication with models.

11. Portfolio Display

Processing your images for high quality. Printing your images on Fine art canvas and boards of archival quality. Preperations for an exhibition in art gallery. Making a handy portfolio album



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