Food Photography Workshop

Food Photography Workshop is ideal for Food Bloggers and passionate Food Photographers.  The workshop syllabus is certain to take you to the next level in photography.

The participant learns from setting up the DSLR camera for the job, conceiving the idea for the shoot to finish taking a stunning image.

Much importance is given from selecting the props such as base boards, backgrounds, platters, cups, glasswares etc., for proper food styling.

There will be a Detailed study in the food photography workshop on using Natural light and Strobe lights and analyse the difference between both.

Theory will be supported by plenty of Demos

Workshop Details

Next Food Photography Workshop is due on December’ 2019


Any one who are confidant in handling DSLR cameras can attend this workshop. Passionate food bloggers and food Photographers may attend this course


Participants must bring their own DSLR cameras either full frame or Cropped frame body. Along with kit lens they must bring medium tele lenses ranging from 85mm to 200mm . Any brand of DSLR cameras such as Canon, Fuji, Nikon or Sony may be brought to the class. Camera must have manual mode setting. Also they must bring portable flash units one or more along with appropriate triggers to the class.

Duration & Timing

3 Days

9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Course Fees

 Course Fees : INR 12,000/-

To be paid well in advance either by cash or Bank Transfer

Path to perfect Food Photography

  1. Introduction

Learning about various cameras – 35mm DSLR, Medium format and Large-format cameras. Understanding their functions.

  1.  Performance of Optics

Learning about Lenses and their influence while composing an image is very much essential for a photographer. Students are thoroughly trained to get the benefit out of various focal lengths.

  1. Study of Natural Light

Students get deeper understanding of the behaviour of sunlight and to use it to their advantage.

  1. Art of composing

Composing is everything in photography. Participants learn  the art of  composing the food elements and make stunning food photography images.

  1. Using Strobes for Food Photography

Understanding and using portable flash units and studio strobes

  1. Light modifiers

Plenty of  demos using various light modifiers such as soft boxes, umbrellas, scrims etc to have greater control over light.


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