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Inspiring Mobile Photography Courses

Mobile Photography has become part of our life.  It is so powerful that it has become indispensable theses days. Children as well as adults love to take pictures using mobile devices. Mobile Photography is not only used by common man but also used by business people in their respective profession. Professionals exchange their reference images with their clients. This is a wonderful course that introduces you to the various of realms of Photography. On completion of  this Inspiring Mobile Photography course the participants gains the knowledge to make images with high visual impact. Many tips are shared on gaining followers while posting images on Facebook and Instagram.

Who can attend the Course ?

Mobile Photography course is for any one who can handle mobile phones efficiently as well as understand the aesthetic aspects of Photography. Home Makers, Children, Frequent Travellers, and Blog writers will find this course very useful. Even people working in various professions can impress their clients by sending professional quality images taken by simple mobile phones.

Duration :

2 Days ( 9-30 am to 5-00 pm )

Course Fees :

INR: 4,500/ ( to be paid before or at the time of registration ) This is inclusive of Lunch and refreshments.

Equipment :

Participants must bring their own Mobile cameras. If they bring  Lap-top with image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, basic image post-production work would be taught.

What you Learn ?

1. Introduction

Introduction to Photography, its history and how it evolved from Paintings

2.  Performance of Optics in Photography

Knowing about various focal lengths of  a lens and how they  influence an image.

3. Study of Natural Light

Students get deeper understanding of the behaviour of sunlight and to use it to their advantage.

4. Aspects of Making beautiful Images

Studying the difference between good and bad images. Many reference images are shown for the understanding.

5. Art of seeing

It doesn’t matter what camera we use. Ultimately, the way we see and visualise an image before pressing the shutter decides the visual impact of the final image.  By studying our own mind and its nature, one can change the way of seeing things.  A serious discussion on this makes changes in you to see the surroundings as a pro photographer sees.

6. Study of Paintings

In depth of study of Paintings. Students are made to analyse them.

7. Art of composing

Composing is everything in photography. Students learn  the art of  composing and enhance the skill of effective communication.



Basic DSLR Photography Weekend Course

If you want to learn photography from basics this is the course for you. It is a step-by-step guide to beginners. The course content has been specially designed for passionate beginners and serious amateurs who want to improve their image-making skills with strong fundamental knowledge.


Advanced DSLR Photography Weekend Course

After completing the Basic Course and if you further want to pursue photography on weekends this is the right course for you. On completion, participants gain a higher degree of technical understanding of photography. Participants gain hands-on knowledge on various avenues of photography including Wedding Photography, Architecture photography, Portraiture, Modeling Portfolios, Nature photography, Event photography etc


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