Unique Course for Visual communication Students

Photography finds a unique place in the curriculum of Visual Communication Degree courses. A Student having strong fundamental knowledge in photography always communicates his/her ideas and concepts to the society successfully.

The syllabus for this course has been framed based on the syllabus followed in various colleges. This is an ideal course for Colleges teaching Visual Communication / Mass Communication programs.

This 3-day extensive course strives to sharpen their technical skills as well as their communicative skills.

Course Contents :

  • Knowing about various types of cameras and lenses – Digital and Film medias – Storing devices etc.,
  • Gaining greater control over the camera by understanding Shutter speed and Aperture relationships, ISO and white balance settings etc.,
  • Understanding Light - Natural light and artificial light. – Qualities of Light - various methods of Measuring light using exposure meters. Depth of field for creative images
  • Study of various photography elements like colors, tones, shapes, forms, textures, lines, etc., - Art of composing an image for high visual Impact
  • Studio Photography – capturing studio portraits as well as location portraits. – Product shots
  • Introduction to Photojournalism - Understanding People and Places. Perceiving the spirit of the place. Training the eye for precise capturing by building attentiveness and awareness in one's self
  • Discussions on various Photography fields like Industrial, Advertising, Fashion Products etc.,
  • Digital workflow – from capturing the image to the finish

Students are taught by highly experienced, practicing professionals. Plenty of practical demos along with slideshows have been arranged for better learning.

Essential Equipments

Participants have to bring a digital SLR camera along with lenses ranging from wide to tele. Light meter, Tripod, Cable release along with laptop loaded with image-editing software like Lightroom, Photoshop etc are strongly recommended.