Wildlife Photography Course for Passionate

Nature Lovers

Barn Swallow at Chavakkad beach
Sea gull at muzhappilangad beach
Red crested Pochards
Sarus crane - mother and young one
Back and Orange fly catcher

Nature is always irresistible and mesmerizing, as we are the fragments of Mother Nature. Be it a child or an adult … nature captivates our minds with its boundless beauty. Life in Nature has a delicate balance among plants, animals and their environment. Nature offers bounteous opportunities for the photographers who understand this basic principle of balancing in Nature. The quality of images reflects the photographer’s degree of involvement with the natural world using an aesthetic sense.

This wildlife photography course is for Amateurs as well as Naturalists who would like to take their images far beyond the level of mere documentation. Since the workshop takes place in one of the top wildlife sanctuaries in India, each participant gets ample opportunities to shoot their subjects during his/her stay. Faculty with a rich experience in Nature photography always accompanies the Participants and guide them throughout their trips into jungles.

Eligibility :

The students who have completed the Basic DSLR Photography course at our institute are eligible for this.

Students who have previous experience in handling the camera and its accessories with strong foundation in Basic Photography can also join this course.

Duration :

3 – months

Course Fees:

INR: 55,000/ ( to be paid before or at the time of registration )

Equipment :

Participants must bring their own DSLR cameras with kit lens as minimum. Camera must have manual mode setting. A Lap-top with image editing software like Adobe Photoshop is essential for post-production work in the class. Also they must bring portable flash units one or more along with radio triggers to the class.


1 – Intro to DSLRCameras

  • Learning about camera menus and functions
  • Understanding various file formats like, Raw, Tiff, Jpeg etc
  • Mega pixel and Resolution of an image
  • Full Frame sensors and Cropped frame sensors

2 – Shutter, Aperture & ISO Relationship

  • Controling motion of the subject
  • Controling the Depth of field

3 – All about Lenses

  • Design of a lens
  • Zoom lenses and Fixed focal length lenses. L, ED and APO lenses
  • How a focal length of a lens affects the perspective of an image
  • How to choose a focal length of a lens that suits ones need

4 – Light and Exposure

  • Studying various qualities of light
  • Understanding Exposure meters and Histograms
  • How to expose a scene perfectly

5 – Techniques of Wildlife Photography

  • Getting within the fear circle of the subject by winning its confidance
  • Easy ways of making a Blind / Hide
  • Clicking at the right moment
  • Using Flash in outdoor shots
  • Making razor sharp images

6 – Aesthetics of an Image

  • Glancing through master painters’ creations
  • Composition rules
  • Study of various elements in an image
  • Creating a stunning image

7 – Digital Workflow

  • Color management
  • Conversion of Raw files using Lightroom / Adobe camera Raw



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